Mental Health Podcasts

While Mental Health Podcasts can be an incredibly useful tool, it should never be used as a substitute for formal treatment with a therapist. However, the right program can help you feel less alone while educating and motivating you to overcome your struggles.

Mental Health Podcasts

Comedian Paul Gilmartin interviews friends and experts to bring these sensitive topics out of the shadows. He hopes that moving these conversations into the open might make others who suffer feel less alone.

Rubin’s Happier podcast brings her insights on self-improvement to a wide audience. She’s joined by her sister, Elizabeth Craft, and various guests as she tackles the challenge of making simple changes to build happiness in our daily lives. The episodes include everything from how to join groups, to buying experiences rather than things, to getting enough sleep, and a lot more.

The Happier podcast has a great variety of guest speakers, but you’ll also hear from Gretchen and Elizabeth as they try out different strategies to improve their lives. They’re not afraid to be blunt or call things as they are, and they provide the support and encouragement to help you make real changes in your life.

The show’s format is similar to the wildly popular podcast This American Life, with short episodes that are designed to be easily digestible. This show takes a deeper dive into the world of mental health and addresses issues like anxiety and depression. Guests on the show have included comedians, writers, and actors, and each episode features a topic that’s sure to spark discussion and inspire personal growth.

This podcast is a great way to learn about the positive effects of meditation and mindfulness, which are increasingly recognized as important in our mental health. It also explains how to overcome common roadblocks to meditation and includes interviews with a range of practitioners. In addition, the podcast covers topics such as pop cultural depictions of mental illness, with hosts including actresses Sandy Allen and Jonah Bossewitch exploring characters from beloved shows like Donnie Darko and BoJack Horseman.

Mindful With Dan Harris

If you’re interested in learning more about the science behind meditation and mindfulness, this podcast is a great place to start. The host and guests explore topics such as how to overcome depression, how to manage stress and more. The podcast also includes interviews with mental health organization leaders.

The first thing that sets this podcast apart is the candidness with which Harris discusses his experiences in overcoming anxiety and depression. The host of this show is a former ABC news anchor who had a panic attack on live TV in 2004. His experience led him to meditate, which helped him regain control of his life. He has since written a memoir, launched a meditation app and started this podcast all about mindfulness.

Listeners will enjoy the short guided meditations on this podcast. The episodes are between five and 12 minutes long, making them the perfect length for people with busy schedules or those new to mindfulness meditation. The podcast has a wide variety of different techniques and topics, making it easy for anyone to find something that suits their needs.

Whether you’re struggling with depression, trying to overcome bipolar disorder or just want to feel less alone during a rough patch, mental health podcasts can be helpful for everyone. However, it’s important to remember that they shouldn’t replace a therapist’s care.

Many of these podcasts have a therapist as either a guest or the host. They discuss various therapeutic approaches and give tips for coping with anxiety and depression. They also talk about how to identify symptoms and when it’s time to seek help. They may also provide guidance on finding a therapist and tips on choosing the right one.

Therapy for Black Girls

With a goal to de-stigmatize mental health issues for women of color, Therapy for Black Girls is a weekly podcast that discusses the most relevant topics in a way that is accessible and relatable. It features therapists and experts who share their knowledge of personal development, self-care, and mental wellness. Its episodes are about 30 minutes and include guest speakers like Doreen Hills, MS, NCC, LPC and Kim Macpherson who talk about healing trauma from childhood sexual abuse.

The podcast also includes a directory for therapists that aims to make it easier for Black people to find help. It is relatively affordable for therapists to list their practice on the site, and there is no trial period. However, the site’s blog is not updated frequently.

Another podcast that addresses the needs of Black people is The Lived Experience with Alena Bell. This podcast is hosted by a therapist who has a clinical background in family and child therapy. The show discusses the importance of talking about mental illness with those who have a lived experience and how to approach difficult conversations with loved ones.

Having a good relationship with your mental health is important no matter what age you are. But it can be more challenging for teens than adults, especially those who are dealing with the pressures of school, relationships, and work. This is why it’s so helpful to listen to this podcast. The hosts share their own experiences with navigating the teenage years and offer helpful advice.

It is essential that you take the time to find a mental health podcast that speaks to your unique needs and experiences. By taking the time to choose a podcast that resonates with you, you can reap the benefits of increased self-care and happiness.

The Anxiety Slayer

The hosts of this podcast offer a supportive space for those who struggle with overwhelming anxiety. Through a series of courses, guided meditations, and tools, the podcast helps to relieve anxiety in an accessible and affordable way. Recent episodes included a step-by-step EFT tapping tutorial to lessen panic attacks and help anxiety symptoms like heart palpitations, as well as a discussion of self-healing practices with Dr. Margaret Rutherford, who uses her 25 years of psychology experience to help listeners unpack and move forward with their struggles.

Another helpful feature of the podcast is that the episodes are short, at 20 minutes each. This makes it easy to fit in a podcast during a quick drive, or even as you get ready for bed at night. Additionally, the podcast frequently includes guest interviews from a variety of mental health professionals, including licensed therapists and psychologists, anxiety coaches, and trauma therapists who practice a form of therapy called trauma-informed care.

This podcast covers a broad range of topics related to wellness, but it has a special focus on mental health and mindfulness. It features expert insights on the science of a “fit mind” and includes conversations with leaders in their fields, from neuroscientists and psychologists to Dharma monks and professional athletes.

The right mental health podcasts can teach coping skills, provide a sense of community and support, and promote awareness for various psychological conditions. While listening to these podcasts should not replace in-person counseling or treatment, Bryant & Stratton College is always here to help those who may need additional resources. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive array of online and on-campus programs.

The Happiness Project Podcast

Gretchen Rubin, the bestselling author of Happier and Better Than Before, is one of today’s most influential observers of happiness and human nature. She’s also a columnist for O, the Oprah Magazine and frequent guest on CBS This Morning. Her empathetic and straightforward approach to explaining complex ideas makes her a compelling listener-favorite.

The Webby award-winning podcast feels like a breezy chat with friends. Rubin and her sister, Elizabeth Craft—a TV writer and producer who she lovingly refers to as her “happiness guinea pig”—pull from ancient wisdom to pop culture during this wildly popular weekly positive psychology trip (downloads exceed 95 million). They offer tips on everything from maintaining healthy habits to The Four Tendencies to improving relationships. Occasionally, they also feature interviews with thought leaders in the happiness, personal development and self-improvement spaces, including Elizabeth Gilbert, Tim Ferriss and Brene Brown.

Each episode is divided into three sections: Science Says, Life Hack and Practitioner’s Corner. The first highlights a specific piece of research; the second covers an easy way to incorporate that science into your daily routine; and the last features an interview with a practicing psychologist who embodies the Flourishing Center’s principles.

The Flourishing Center’s podcasts offer insight into the latest scientifically backed happiness research from top Yale happiness experts. The podcasts are a great option if you’re looking to get more out of your day-to-day by learning how to increase your contentment and satisfaction. You can find more podcasts similar to this one by using Rephonic’s interactive graph. It pulls reviews from multiple sources (Apple Podcasts, Castbox and Podcast Addict) and displays them in a 3D format that’s easy to read.